Alpha 2010™

Alpha 2010 from Sybaritic, Inc. is recognized as one of the finest full body spa devices ever developed to accelerate new profitable, revenue yielding services for any spa. Sybaritic is the innovator andinventor of the spa capsule industry, with over 30,000 spa systems installed in some of the most luxurious and well known spa facilities worldwide. or other body services. In addition to the body services that can be delivered, facial services can be performed at the same time, significantly increasing the revenue per client. The overall experience is dramatic, inviting and provides an amazing catalyst for new and repeat business.

Alpha 2010 incorporates six (6) powerful features that make up the aesthetic, beauty and wellness programs. These features include convection and conduction dry sauna heat adjustable up to 180 degrees, heated, dual motorized

independent vibratory back massage units, soft contour, stain resistant bed and head cushions, natural-essential oil diffusion throughout the capsule, built in stereo/CD system with speakers and headphones, two facial air fans to keep the client’s face cooled to minimize overheating or the feeling of claustrophobia during the system’s operation and 12 pre-set spa programs and one additional custom program.

The Alpha 2010 has been carefully engineered to be user friendly. The system’s operation is easily navigated by the intelligent touch pad control panel. Each pre-set program feature can be modified with a touch a button by you, your staff or your clients.