Alpha OxySpa™


Slim Line™ Metabolic Weight Loss Technologies

Calorie Burn & Basal Metabolic Rate Stimulation & Set Point
Slim Line delivers a totally all-new weight loss experience by incorporating state-of-the-art and proprietary features in an "all at once" treatment system. The SlimLine capsule provides an effective complete metabolic solution to help your client's lose weight and keep it off naturally. It's both enjoyable

and successful because it overcomes the problem with traditional weight loss diets-they fail in the long run without increased metabolic stimulation and reduction of the body weight set point. When combined with a normal, balanced diet, the weight loss benefits of Slim Line become very rapid since calorie burn and metabolic stimulation is accelerated while the body weight set point is permanently reduced over time (10 - 12 months) for proven, lasting weight loss.