Derma life™ Spa-Oceana™ 2G


Derma life™ Multi-Sensory Spa Systems are a blend of innovative thinking, premium design, and exclusive functions. They represent a holistic system of balance, a revolutionary improvement in spa care. Dermalife Spa Systems allow you to offer clients truly ancient hydrospa solutions through modern technologies.

“Ultimate luxury” is the only way to describe the feeling of a completely automatic hydrospa tub and multi-sensory spa service in Spa Oceana 2G. In addition to all the features of Spa Jet 2G, Spa Oceana 2G goes beyond your dreams by providing your clients with a personal 52.8 gallon / 200 liter hydrospa tub. The Spa Oceana 2G hydrospa tub offers four (4) different invigorating programs with its 22 underwater jets and four (4) Colorbath™ light stations. Further, clients can direct the quick-connect, hand-held underwater massage jet to specific areas on the body for concentrated water jet massage.