Left/Right M-Implants
Pre-filled high cohesive gel asymmetrical mammary implants


Result Left/Right M-Implants
The Asymmetrical Advantage:
1. Left/Right Asymmetrical
► If no two breasts are identical, then why use symmetrical implants? (Just    as a left and right shoe is designed for each foot).
► Point of maximum projection is situated naturally (beneath the nipple-         areolar complex).
2. Concave Base
► Implant conforms perfectly to the convex thoracic wall.
► Minimizes implant rotation and/or displacement.

3. Soft Sloping Medial Fullness
► Facilitates the use of larger implants while maintaining optimal aesthetic results.
4. Lateral Fullness
► Maintains sufficient tissue coverage with large volume implants.
5. Shape
► Provides natural results, both in the recumbent and upright position.
6. Texturing
► Proven to significantly reduce capsular contraction.
► Minimizes implant rotation and/or displacement.
7. Visual and Palpable Marks
► Ensure proper placement of the implant.
8. Cohesive Gel
► Softest gel on the market.
► Minimizes gel diffusion (spreading).
► Superior shape retention.
► Safe and reliable.

Result Left/Right M-Implants