Reviderm Intra

Patient Benefits
Due to its unique properties, Reviderm intra is indicated for patients who:
∑ Value the importance of long-term results while maintaining a preference for natural products;
∑ Desire long-term results without permanent implant treatment;
∑ Require treatment for Class II-IV wrinkles (light wrinkles and fine lines to deep wrinkles not fixed to the connective tissue);
∑ Seek a natural treatment;
∑ Wish to forgo a preceding skin test.

Before and After treatment with Reviderm intra
Results with Reviderm intra last for up to 18 months.

Product Description
Reviderm intra consists of Hyaluronic acid in combination with Dextran microspheres.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound already present in the skin. In ageing skin, volume and natural elasticity diminish, precipitating the formation of wrinkles. Reviderm intra restores Hyaluronic acid to the skin allowing it to regain its natural fluid balance while wrinkles fade and disappear over time.

Dextran Microspheres
Contained within the Hyaluronic acid are compact, completely round Dextran microspheres. The microspheres in Reviderm intra function to stimulate new tissue growth at the site of the injection, hereby utilizing the bodyís own natural tissue to correct the wrinkle. Once the microspheres have served this purpose they dissolve safely and completely with time.

Dextran Microspheres

Unique Dual Mode of Action
In utilizing Dextran microspheres, Reviderm intra possesses a mechanism unlike any other Hyaluronic acid injectable. The microspheres function to initiate collagen synthesis around the microspheres, building a new collagen framework where the Hyaluronic acid is held in place.

Results with Hyaluronic acid alone vary from patient to patient. In patient A results can last for up to two months, while patient B can sustain results for up to eight months. Possible reasons for these unpredictable results include, the type of material or product used, the technique performed, or the patientís reaction to the product or technique used.

Product Composition
Reviderm intra is composed of stabilized, cross-linked, pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic acid (concentration 20 mg per ml). Contained within the Hyaluronic acid are compact, completely round Dextran microspheres (40-60 microns in size).