Rofilan Hylan Gel
Patient Benefits
Due to Rofilanís unique properties, Rofilan is indicated for patients who:
∑ Are interested in a less permanent implant; results last up to six months;
∑ Following first treatment have doubts as to the suitability of the results;
∑ Prefer treatment with a natural product;
∑ Require treatment for class II - IV wrinkles (light wrinkles and fine lines to deep wrinkles not fixed to the connective tissue);
∑ Wish to forgo a preceding skin test.

Before and After treatment with Rofilan
Results with Rofilan last for up to 6 months

Product Composition/Technical Data
Composition of Rofilan Hylan Gel (1ml syringe)
Hyaluronic acid 20 mg
Sodium chloride 9 mg
Phosphate buffer 1 mg
Sterile water added up to 1 ml
pH 7.0