*Saline M-Implants
Pre-filled saline mammary implants

The Saline M-Implants are packed sterile and pre-filled. Currently, Rofil offers the only saline pre-filled mammary implant available. Most saline implants do not come pre-filled, but require filling during the implantation procedure. The potential for leakage is therefore significantly reduced with Rofil Saline M-Implants as they do not utilize valves for filling.

Another advantage of pre-filled saline implants is that unlike traditional implants that must be inflated during the implantation procedure, pre-filled implants cannot be over or underfilled. Overfilled implants, become hard or too firm, provoking folds and weakening of the implant. Underfilled implants provoke folds, causing a weakening of the implant, and poor aesthetic results. The optimal solution is to have a pre-filled saline mammary implant which can be neither over nor underfilled, but one which is pre-filled during the manufacturing process.