Vacuum constriction system

recommended  by the National Institutes of Health as the first line of treatment for impotence, vacuum therapy is a safe, economical, and effective nonsurgical option.

Mentor manufactures three Vacuum Constriction Systems, each designed to address individual patient needs and varying degrees of manual dexterity.

Touch System
The Touch unit is a rechargeable battery operated system that is simply activated by pressing a button. My be used by all men but is often chosen by men with severe arthritis and muscular disorders.

Response System
The Response unit has a separate hand grip pump attached to the cylinder by a plastic tube for those patients where manual dexterity is not a concern.

Restore System
For thos patients unable to maintain an erection, the restore system allows for ring placement to help sustain natural rigidity.

 Constriction Rings
Mentor offers two ring styles, the encore ring and our own constriction ring made of a clear soft polymer; designed to improve patient comfort.